Kik Messenger, the confidential option to Whatsapp

This app messaging is not new, for it takes a long period of time between us. He just recently leapt to the front pages of the chronicle of occasions as it has revealed its usage in cases of bullying among teens and a instance of kidnapping and also murder that has had the KIK For windows as a device to get to the target. Anonymity is the main virtue of this device, it is additionally an opportunity for those that want to interrupt others. However like everything, it depends on the use we construct from it.

Leaving aside these concerns, you may not already recognize or that you have not even risked to give it a try. From here I present a quick analysis that you valoréis whether it is worth their setup on your terminal.

Kik Messenger, the message application is readily available for Android, iOS as well as Windows, works similarly to various other way, enabling individuals to send chat messages instantaneously with a quick and also very easy interface. Its major advantage is that customers utilize a solitary customer name as identification technique and not a mobile number as when it comes to WhatsApp as well as Snapchat.

It also has a complete system that permits users to hear music, watch video clips on YouTube, play video games, send out images as well as videos, produce memes and also of course, chat with pals, all without having to leave the app.

And all with severe rapidity and also simplicity, sending messages to the minute as well as being its entirely trustworthy distribution. Furthermore, Kik Messenger deliveries will certainly mark us as various letters has actually sent, have been wered given and these, as well, have actually been opened and also can reliably know when a person reads it or not.

Different layouts Kik Messenger vary systems, adjusting to the style of each. Thus, we could state that it is a joy step by Kik Messenger for iPhone or Android, being all symbols and also switches obtainable with ease and with attractive designs, revealing a rather cruder user interface in Windows Phone that likewise does not have link with various other apps.

Just like all instant message applications, which eventually end up choosing the usage is the variety of neighbors we have with Kik Messenger, remaining in these relatively reduced compared with various other applications such as Whatsapp. Still, worth a shot, due to the fact that the system of sending and getting messages is really quickly, having the attraction of having the ability to add customers with their nick or e-mail, not depending as a result on the schedule call SIM.

GarageBand for iOS with new DJ features and iPad Pro support

Along with the demo of the new record app music memos Apple additionally garage band for iOS extensively modified. New features are brought by the recording facilities for iPad and iPhone and is enhanced for the big display of the Pro that is iPad.

GarageBand 2.1 will Loops less seasoned customers provide with the socalled Live an instinctive manner to perform with music loops and examples.

With 3D Touch it is possible to maintain and generate an audio result that may “polyphonic aftertouch” nennt.5 About the iPhone 6s Remix FX also provides when pressing the X Y mat one motivated by the 80s Tape Quit vintage result keys on the keyboard.

With onetouch of columns and lines in a visually appealing grid trials and different looped instruments may be triggered. The circles garage band, ordered and remixed and may be performed live automatically retains sync all beats, perfectly in message and time. To start supplying coils that are stay collection of Apple Loop templates from a number of music genres, including stone, rap , dubstep and EDM and you can recreate his own loops from scratch.

GarageBand for windows in the App Store for iOS accessible and comes according to Apple “as well as iOS apparatus with 32GB memory and bigger free” or as a free upgrade for existing customers with appropriate iOS devices 9 or later. All the others will be asked to 4.99 euros to pay.

Moreover, garage band provides 2.1 a new drummer operate with eight electronic and traditional drum sets and new digital bass guitar amplifier. Besides the optimisation for the I pad Pro, a 3D touch assistance for iPhone models 6 s and 6 s Plus has been added:

Kik Messenger : News and Photos

Kik-for-PCMessages over the Internet mail: The Kik Messenger works similarly to the well-known application WhatsApp, allow at which send messages for free. Thereby, users of mobile devices of the chargeable SMS regardless – if an Internet connection is available.
With over 100 million users of Kik Messenger one of the most popular services in this area. A special against competitors like WhatsApp is the ability to install the Kik Messenger on mobile devices that are not GSM-compatible. The Kik Messenger is for smartphones and tablets with the operating systems Android , iOS, Windows Phone and even Kik for PC available in the app stores.

History and Features

The Kik Messenger was originally developed by students from the University of Waterloo in Canada who wanted to create a news service for mobile phones. In 2010, the first version of the Messengers, whose user numbers increased rapidly appeared. Within 15 days of the Kik Messenger of one million smartphone owners was used.

Among the features of the application include the ability to embed images and YouTube videos in the text messages. For establishing contacts with other users, only the name is required. In addition, a browser is integrated in the Messenger, so it is not necessary to leave the application for surfing. In addition, users of the service have the opportunity to display itself, if and when a message has been read, and if a response has been made. A unique feature of the Messengers of Kik is the so-called “Sketch Content Message” – with her drawings and sketches can be sent as messages.

Temple Run 1 for PC – Free Download Windows Xp/7/8/OSX

Temple_run_tree_rootTemple Run is a very famous Android game that has been giving other games a run for their money. It has stunning graphics and offers a great gaming experience for mobile users. In this article, we will learn how to install this game on your Windows PC.

Features of Temple Run

Most people start a liking a game only because it has interesting characters, story or it simply looks cool and keeps them engaged. Temple Run is a simple game where you do not have to think much, but have to be swift in order to score high and beat your friends.  The game has gained tremendous popularity because of the following factors.

  • Wonderful graphic
  • Great sound effects that go with the spirit of the game
  • Amazing screen reflex
  • Easy controls on PCWhy Play Temple Run on Your PC

Playing Temple Run on your PC can be a whole new experience because you will be playing without a touch screen. Generally, people cannot play on the touch screen for too long, without developing sore fingers. For those who love to play this game for hours, the PC gaming alternative is a welcome move. They no longer have to deal with the discomfort of playing too long on the mobile screen. Besides, they get to enjoy the game on a larger screen.